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Here are some interesting cycling related links

Bike Safety Tips:  Ride safely with these tips, based on the Nebraska Bike Brochure with some added information.   Following a few simple rules will increase your safety on the bike.

Bike Tips for Beginners and Commuters.  Some guidance about what to get and where to ride.

BikeOmaha.Org--cycling related blog for Omaha.Bikes, a community organization that promotes and advocates for improved transportation, utility, and recreational bicycling infrastructure, opportunities, and experiences for the people of Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding area.

Omaha Trails - web site for the Omaha Trails System.

Activate Omaha--Commuting etc in Omaha, including a commuter map.

Lincoln Trails-- Lincoln Parks Trail Info and maps.

Great Plains Trail Network-- Lancaster County etc trail network info and maps.

UNL Bikes  UNL Bike rack locations, bike maps and other bike info.

Nebraska Bike Trails  Trail Link maps of bike trails in Nebraska.

Nebraska Cycling News   News webpage of the Nebraska Cycling Association

Nebraska Bicycle Road Map  State road map with color codes indicating traffic volumes.  This is a version of the standard state road map with roads marked in color indicating traffic volumes and shoulder widths.  Its a big file and a big map, but you can use it to see which roads are suitable for biking.

Nebraska Bike Brochure. A handy brochure with safety tips and a short summary of the bike laws including this:   "A bicyclist riding on a highway generally has all the rights of a vehicle and shall be subject to
all the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle (some exceptions do exist)."  (might be handy to show to motorists who yell 'get on the sidewalk'.  ) 

Nebraska Department of Roads Bike Info.  Go to the bottom of the DOR page for several useful bike links

Nebraska Bike Laws.  from the Nebraska Legislature web page.
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