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Looking for someone to ride with or a good place to ride?   Here are some regular group rides in Omaha and Lincoln.

Omaha:  check out for a current listing of regular rides plus some that are put together at the last minute.  Make sure you understand the drop practices; some rides wait for slower riders and some do not.

Lincoln:  Monday 530 pm Chit Chat Ride at Joyride Bikes - no drop.

Map sites such as Mapquest or Googlemaps are great for cars but not so hot for bikes.  They do not show which roads are paved and do not show traffic.  Some Team Kaos riders have developed some tried and true routes for training or just recreational riding.   Go here to see some of the best

Rides near Lincoln:

Between Lincoln and Omaha there some very nice roads. Here is a map:
Click for omaha, NE Forecast